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The poems below are available in letterpressed editions. Many are outtakes of longer poems. Not all poems are available in all paper types and each poem is available in one, sometimes two, of the four leaf shapes. The poems are original, copyrighted poems of Geraldine Helen Foote. Find what speaks to you or what you most want to give to a friend or family member. Tuck one inside a card, tie to a gift, hang in your window, on your mirror, in your car, or by your desk. Enjoy...

  • 1. A cloud is soft shawl or shroud, itís all in how you look.
  • 1a. Afloat in your voice, doubt is a small boat I give up willingly...
  • 3. And I was proud the great blue heron, whose wingspan reaches through skies in my mind, let you come so close.
  • 3a. A time, a time when candle flames on glass proclaim against quaking night...
  • 4. At the very least let me be a small child, searching for cool comfort, cradled in a tree that has no boughs inclined to break.
  • 4a. Between the busy streets of life, a hummm comes to which we may tune with deliberation.
  • 5a. ...the big dipper I could always depend upon to quench my thirst for a pattern.
  • 6a. Breathe, these trees, in great gulps.
  • 7a. ...brimming with possibility.
  • 8. ...burnished by time, truth must be a smooth stone to glisten black on the surface of sand.
  • 8a. Celestial hand draws lines of light on the etch and sketch of island night...
  • 8b. The cedar does not forget to be tree, so why do I forget to be me.
  • 9. Chocolate melts in the sun no matter whose picnic it is.
  • 10. Climb, breathless, lovingly loose laughter in the sky.
  • 11a. Ears, nose, toes, tiny tiny fingers, all perfect miracles unmarred, as if the child came from the wave of a wandlike star.
  • 12. Find a window...Open it; breathe in three slow symphonies...
  • 12a. of evening filled with no sound...just the dip of paddles...
  • 13. Go Placidly, yes, when you can, and know how to return to still pools within, or the ocean, or the mountain snow, its rarefied air, with each breath, stinging your lungs clean.
  • 13a. Great blue heron fishing, reflection fishing back, dipping ripples into water and sky.
  • 14. Holding, as branches hold birds...
  • 14a. Hurdle fear, risk, chancing change, live incessantly, wet, in the tumbling center of the stream...
  • 15. I do not want to live the lives of adults, worrying the forests, teasing dollar bills out of trees. I want to live as a child pretending to be a frog...
  • 15a. Imagine wings...
  • 15b. In love, with each other and all life...
  • 16. I want to be the old bearded man at the edge of the sky whose breath decides where the wind will go.
  • 16a. I wish you rainbows in sky and on fishbacks in leaping rivers.
  • 19. If it rains, imagine shelter; enjoy sunlight in fog...
  • 20. If the wind howls, howl back, walk in it, get soaked, swaddle in the dark.
  • 22a. ....intended for this time, together, the sun, dropping like a nickel into the slot of the changing sea.
  • 23. Kiss the whitest feather caught by the sun in the eagleís soaring flight...
  • 24. Know it is kinder to be gentle, to issue a quiet strength, in a strong voice, yes, strengthened by silence, in forests green, that precede clear speech.
  • 25. Let sandcastles, not dreams, be the only homes destroyed...
  • 25a. May a loving breeze massage your spirit.
  • 26a. ....May I find you in years to come, still singing.
  • 26b. May you be graced by the presence of guardians and angels...
  • 27. Moon, a white button on a velvet suit, fastens light to my dark night.
  • 28. Only your soles know the deepening shape of your footprints...
  • 28a. Paddle the sky...
  • 28b. Plant each seed with equal care. Know when to wear hearts sleeved; in the garden, keep one hand gloved, one hand bare.
  • 29. Rain will arrive to quench our curious thirst.
  • 29a. Recall that deer will emerge to drink from dripping leaves after rain.
  • 31. Say I can, not I canít. Name disbelief a thief.
  • 32. Sing a blue tune and disappear, breathe as if a flute lived in your throat, as if your lungs had bellows for blowing the flame.
  • 32b. Sit long into night,Ďtil cloud cover clears and stars shower in light.
  • 34. Sometimes I want to freeze you, now that you are no longer small enough to hold in one hand.
  • 34a. Sometimes courage runs through the first available crack, repools on the other side, the cleverness of liquid confronting stone.
  • 34b. ...strain to see all that can be seen in ragged white ruffle of foam following another and another, chasing into so much dark.
  • 35. Suppose, just before each full moon, women could drink the sap of birches to see them through the waning. Suppose men raised roses into the air, scented petals the only casualties of battle.
  • 37. This, then is the shape of our lives. Donít hurry the horizon.
  • 38. Time now to crawl from the cave upright in the glare waving our thumbs, dancing in light.
  • 39. Walk paced to a heartís beat that beckons...
  • 40. ...walk together in the green moist...tears cold on the face of friendship, and know with our whole souls what it is to be human...
  • 43. Weave love line by line, break at places where words need to breathe, come up for air.
  • 43a. Whisper...then listen to a wild, framing green...
  • 43b. Wrap my love around you.
  • 44. You are the light in the leaves at the greengold hour of day.
  • 44a. You are a white page I can't write on, a new snow at dawn.
  • 44b. You are a dipper of water on a dry day.
  • 44c. You are an oar dipping ripples on a blue pond.
  • 45. You will make mistakes. Reflect, not so long that you view yourself as one who errs. Reflect long though, to learn what your inside light whispers about how one who seeks truth goes in the world.

Since that first printing, some poems have sold over a thousand copies. Each year I have added new poems and reprinted others. There are now over 50 poems in the Peace Leaves series.


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Peace Leaves poetry art by Geraldine Foote

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