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Mouth Toward Sky

Poetry Chapbook 

Grounded with Pacific Northwest images true to the author's life as a fourth-generation Oregonian, the poems explore loving relationships, growing and being a Mom in these times. Some have personal views of historical events--learning of the Kennedy assassination while in middle school German class; teaching about Hiroshima; the Vietnam memorial and explaining it to a child age 5; trying to hang a father's flag after 9/11.  Several of the poems include lines that eventually became Peace Leaves.

Included is a poem called "Drinking Rain" which quotes son Nate as a child, who put his mouth toward the sky; hence the book's title. Mouth Toward Sky also denotes speaking out. The cover art includes a woodcut print from artist Debby Neely of a red-winged blackbird with it's mouth open toward the sky, and one poem features these birds.

Here's what Marvin Bell has to say about the book: Gerry Foote's poems are embedded in events central to the American experience of student, teacher, parent and citizen, here expressed with an irresistible warmth and care. Open-eyed, by turns grounded and romantic, hers is a truly humanitarian sensibility and, as such, a welcome pleasure in any age.

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